Thursday, 23 September 2010

Receipt of Beauty

'The rose might have its own purpose (to reproduce new roses), but that is not why it is beautiful.  Something about its array of colours and textures prompts my mental faculties to feel that the objects is 'right'.  This rightness is what Kant means by saying that beautiful objects are purposive.'

We perceive 'beauty' by identifying any thing or being etc that triggers the mental pleasures of theses 'faculties' in 'free play'.

'Though the label is prompted by a subjective awareness or feeling of pleasure, it supposedly has objective application to the world.'

Kant believed that in order to have an aesthetic response to the beauty of an object, its form and design has to satisfy our intellect without the need to evaluate its purpose or function.  I too am interested in Kant's ideas of disinterested neutrality in that the visual stimulus of my art is often directed towards a pleasurable receipt.  However in order to convey the ideas that my artworks are derived from, I find that undercurrents of combined strategies are essential.  

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