Thursday, 23 September 2010

Theoretical Creative Strategy

'A theory is more than a definition; it is a framework that supplies an ordinary explanation of observed phenomena.  A theory should help things make sense rather than create obscurity through jargon and weighty words.  It should systematically unify and organise a set of observations, building from basic principles.'

Theory allows us to classify 'art' by understanding conceptual intentions.  For the past year i have struggled with being told that i need to build upon my concepts; when my intentions have been to place emphasis on the 'basic principles' derived from exploration, observation and experience of my subject matter.  The above Freeland quote articulates the explanation of where my artistic strategy has been flawed.  I do not need to switch emphasis to conceptual elements of my work.  I need to develop basic principles and concepts hand-in-hand, supporting my artistic responses with theory in order to make record of my process and development.

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