Monday, 29 November 2010

'Amélie' by Jean-Pierre Jeunet 2001

'Amélie' is one of my favourite films and seems like an appropriate reference in the exploration of the manipulation objects in unusual context, location or situation (see above, Amélie's father's missing gnome traveling the world and appearing to him in postcard Polaroids hehehe).  
  I have recently spent my reading week down in Falmouth staying with a friend in a shared student house full of artists and musicians, just transferred to Falmouth uni after the closure of Dartington College of Art.  There seemed to be a strong common interest in sound, choreography and performance art between the creative students that I met; which I found to be a fresh perspective on expression and exploration of new territory.  I decided from this point that my object would become an extension of myself playing a significant roll in exploring space and surroundings.  The following series of photographs subject the tea cup as it explores 'Kennal Vale' gunpowder mills and nature reserve in Ponsanooth (Cornwall).

Tea and Sandwiches With the Wife:
(Social ritual and interaction)
The objects function and identity was expanded rather than challenged.  It performed as a tea cup, a vessel and well...I won't spoil the rest, see for yourself...

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