Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Presentation Crit

Today I presented my body of work (so far) for the 'Secret Life of Objects' brief.  I feel that at this point, the progression of my project is well grounded in the researched foundations of my ideas, and I am optimistically moving forward with my plans for producing visuals through casting and installation.  The tutors crit input was really helpful in reassuring me that my arty farty mind was making sense, and so my working practice will continue as planned.

My intention is to explore ways in which to visually communicate the individuals projections of meaning surrounding the act of drinking tea.  I am going to begin by taking the words that people contributed to my 'what's in your tea cup' mind map during my short film preparation.  I am interested in preserving these meaning in some way to identify with the individual and the collective group of tea drinkers in series.

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