Thursday, 20 January 2011

Cork the limited line it's over...Fancy a brew?

To exhibit/display the ceramic pieces that I have made for assessment, I questioned whether or not I needed to replace or repair the broken string between the two cups.  The A4 length of tea soaked string has become irrelevant at this point, and the idea of a limited line of communication, disregarded.  The social ritual and experience of drinking a cup of tea is evidentially an essentially physical interaction, therefore the physical line of communication does not exist.

The holes that subverted the meaning of the object have now been corked, and the object in its intended original form still stands.  Although I probably wouldn't advise the use of these 'tea cups' as tea cups due to my make shift corking skills, they could be water tight and functional once again.  The objects are valuable, delicate porcelain, and their journey of transformation has almost come full circle touching upon the 'functional' in their present form whilst retaining the trace of their life as art objects.

In terms of creative strategy, the altering use of the same objects initially existing as adapted multiples of the original object has been unintentional but successful.

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