Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Post A4

I am institutionalised.  I wanted to break the mould but they did it for me.

I took part in an "art exhibition" within the institution, where the rule of A4 was dictated and a show was "curated" by other institutionalised people to whom site, space and layout was dictated.  I could not conform to the rule of A4 without an overwhelming desire to fight back, however the nature of my work exploring communication limitations seemed only fitting for a humorous commentary on the paint by numbers exhibition that was being pieced together in front of me.  The distance limitation of the "A4" line of communication set out to meet the limitations set by the exhibition criteria, but my lack of an A4 sized/shaped artwork pushed to break the mould.  The value of works created for the exhibition is a questionable  response to one persons "brief", so who can be named 'author' of any of the works either individually or as a collection?  My piece was deemed acceptable as a part of the collection, and quite fittingly, but accidentally broken as the exhibition was dismantled.   The limited line of communication was broken questioning the limitations of the institution, but how long is a piece of string anyway?

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