Monday, 6 December 2010

Earthenware Slip Casting

To explore the visual language of so called 'valuable' materials I want to make porcelain tea cups with the intention of combining the sense of value applied to the tea cup as an object, with the value of communication attached to the ritual of drinking tea in relation to the telephone as the sister object that has become part of my experimentation.  Ironically, the value of porcelain as a material has served itself as a small complication because of its so called precious and expensive qualities.  I am having to make a 'practice' tea cup with earthenware (a not so highly valued material) before the porcelain will be available to me.  This is frustrating given the delicacy of my mould and the likelihood of it breaking after the first cast, but the reasoning behind this complication is quite humorous given the nature of my intentions so I guess every cloud has a silver lining.

A sufficient demonstration that I am worthy of porcelain?

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