Monday, 6 December 2010

Language of Materials

Susan Collis Installation (Sheffield Millenium Gallery 2009)

'The oyster’s our world'
81.3 x 38 x 58 cm
Wooden stepladder, mother of pearl, shell, coral, fresh water pearl, cultured pearls, white opal, diamond

(Platinum & Diamond Screw)

I saw this Installation at Sheffield Millennium Gallery last year and I initially questioned whether or not I had stumbled into a non-gallery space.  The installation of an old paint splashed ladder and dust sheet in the corner of a space that appeared to be under construction questions our pre-programmed response and understanding of objects.  On closer inspection the screws in the walls and the objects in the room were encrusted with valuable precious stones which further questioned our perception of value.  Without the sparkle of a jewel we do not apply the same appreciation of a ladder as a functioning object or tool.

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